Safety Practices for Enjoying a San Diego Vacation Right Now

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 coronavirus has had a major impact in the travel industry as a whole. Adapting to ever-evolving best practices is both challenging and the responsible thing to do. As hospitality-industry professionals, the entire team at The Dana on Mission Bay is taking cleanliness and guest safety — always our top priority — even more seriously than ever. 

Still, slowing the spread is everyone’s responsibility. In light of that, here’s a breakdown of  what you can expect on your visit to Southern California during this pandemic.

Mandated Masks

California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a statewide mask mandate. This means that individuals in public will be required to wear appropriate face coverings at all times. Those not wearing masks risk receiving a citation and a possible fine. So make sure to throw a handful of masks into your luggage while packing for your San Diego visit. 

Improved Hand Hygiene

The California Department of Public Health recommends that all California residents and visitors follow proper handwashing guidelines. Whenever possible (especially after touching surfaces) everyone should thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and hot water. Many public spaces in the state are supplying hand sanitizer for public use, as well. It’s also recommended that you avoid touching your face if possible, especially the mouth, nose, and eye areas. Working together, we can fight the transmission of this virus

Following Social Distancing Guidelines

The best available science recommends that in addition to face masks and hand-washing, the third action that has been most effective at “flattening the curve” is observing increased space between ourselves and others. Most public spaces have provided markings on the floor in areas where lines form, as well as increasing the distance between dining tables and other public furniture. In areas where these safety measures are difficult or impossible to implement, everyone should still maintain a safe and responsible distance at all times. 

Indoor Dining: Out. Outdoor Dining: In.

San Diego County’s current regulation stipulates that indoor dining is closed across-the-board, However, any restaurant that offers al fresco dining options is more than welcome to operate under the current guidelines. Luckily here in San Diego, the weather is perfect year-round. So the perfect conditions always exist for comfortable outdoor dining — often with gorgeous scenic views. Check out this handy list of San Diego restaurants offering outdoor dining service.

Please Practice Patience

California has followed a phased reopening plan that has been adjusted as needed in order to accommodate areas where numbers have risen or fallen. As such, closings of attractions, restaurants, shops, and other public businesses have been continually reassessed on a constant basis. While we are cognizant of the fact that California’s beaches, theme parks, or other unique visitor draws may be among the reasons you’ve planned a visit, closings or other delays have nonetheless been an unfortunate fact of life as we mitigate this crisis. In short, we’re stressed, but doing our best. San Diego treasures our visitors, and we’ll always do whatever we’re able to in order to accommodate you within the guidelines the state and city allow. If you have any questions about closings, safety practices, or other related information, the State of California’s COVID-19 information site is always a great place to find the latest updates.

Safety First — Always

The Dana on Mission Bay has always held guest safety as our #1 priority. As such, we’ve adopted updated sanitation and cleanliness protocols that meet or exceed hospitality-industry best practices. Our already-strict standards for cleanliness have gotten a boost in every regard. We’ve not only boosted our efforts in all of our guest rooms, but we’ve also taken steps to enhance disinfection of our common areas and high-traffic zones. Our team will also wear masks, observe distancing recommendations, and sanitize the check-in area after helping each guest. As always, your safety is our most important job. To learn more about what we’re doing to keep you safe, please check out our COVID-19 Information Page.