Unplugging and Disconnecting San Diego-Style: Enjoy a Stress-Free San Diego Vacation

There’s no question that technology has made our lives easier. Whether navigating to an unfamiliar destination with GPS, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones over social media, or getting the job done remotely during this pandemic, tech is a fantastic and indispensable tool. 

Even so, as technology becomes ingrained in our daily lives, the inability to disconnect from it is a growing problem. All too often, we log out from our workstations at the end of the day only to turn on the TV, pick up our phones, or play a video game. According to a recent study, the average smartphone user checks their phone up to ten times an hour. 

Looking for a little digital detox? Here are some great tips to try, inspired by the laid-back SoCal lifestyle. 

There’s an App for That

Downloading an app to help break your smartphone habit may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes self-control starts at the source. For those of us who have a bad habit of derailing our productivity by checking our phones constantly, Android and iOS apps like Offtime, Flipd, and Moment (since discontinued) can help you reclaim your time. Their methods of doing so vary, but all of them are designed to assist in limiting your screen time and helping you get back to what matters.    

Make Time for Mindfulness 

Many of us reach for our phones the moment we wake up in the morning, bombarding our eyes with blue light and our still-awakening brains with information. However, it’s possible to break this habit by instead opting to ease ourselves into our daily routine. Some light yoga, a nutrient-packed smoothie, or mindful meditation can really help to bring our mental systems online first thing upon waking — as opposed to our digital ones. 

Go Old-School

There’s no denying that e-readers are a fantastic development. Still, a screen is a screen is a screen. So making a conscious choice to put down your tablet and head to your local library or bookstore is a fantastic alternative. There’s something to be said for turning an actual page over swiping a virtual one. Not to mention that many studies have proven that we tend to absorb printed information better from “real” books than we do screens.  

Get Active

Lounging with a screen can be a great way to unwind. But too much of a good thing can be a burden. So by engaging your physical health as much as your mental well-being, you can often give yourself a much-needed break. It’s tough to spend screen time when riding a bike or going for a jog (although if you’d like to listen to music, podcasts, or an audiobook on your device while you do, nobody is going to fault you for a bit of multi-tasking).

Take a Dip

Water and electronics most definitely do not get along. So if you’re looking for a way to deep-six the digital distractions, there’s no better way than going deep yourself. Hop in a relaxing bubble bath. Find a pool, and go for a swim. Hey, San Diego’s beaches are warm and welcoming for most of the year, so you can even head for the ocean for a bit. 

Enlist Some Help 

Chances are, if you’re feeling dependent on technology, so are others in your circle. We’re willing to bet that if you reached out to a friend or family member to engage in a little no-screens social activity, you’d find many takers. Grabbing dinner, going for a walk, doing a little fishing, seeing some live music, or just sitting and talking — with the pre-agreed-upon caveat that it will be a device-free affair — can be a great way to enjoy a little catch-up time without feeling like you need to check your phone every five minutes.