Planning a Stress-Free Road Trip to San Diego

There’s not much that’s better for recharging the batteries than a good old-fashioned road trip. Hitting the open highway is a great way to get away from it all. But if one of the things you’re trying to get away from is stress, then here are some tips to make sure the trip itself doesn’t wind up as a source of anxiety. 

Get Your Car a Health Checkup

Nothing puts a damper on a road trip faster than hitting the road, only to suffer car trouble once you’re en route. Popping into your local mechanic to give your ride a quick once-over before you get underway can not only offer peace of mind, but save on major repair bills in the long run. Any experienced auto shop will be happy to check your fluid levels, give your tires and brakes a look, and make sure all your bulbs are burning bright so that you can roll out with confidence.

Drive Lean, Drive Clean 

We’ve all been guilty of a cluttered car from time to time. Throwing an empty water bottle or sandwich bag on the floor is certainly a more conscientious course of action than littering. But giving your car a clean-out to remove any extraneous candy wrappers, drink cups, or other detritus can not only make life more pleasant for you and your passengers, but it can also lighten the load and improve your gas mileage. Don’t forget to give the trunk a peek while you’re at it!

Plan Your Route 

Make no mistake — GPS is a technological godsend. Even so, it’s easy to sometimes rely on it a little too much. Satellite navigation tends to favor the most direct, efficient route. But if we’re being honest, it’s not always the most enjoyable. So if you believe in the philosophy of getting there being half the fun, don’t be afraid to deviate from the beaten path just a bit. One of the benefits of taking a road trip to San Diego is being able to take in the gorgeous views along the way. Sometimes, venturing off the main roads can lead you to unexpected treasures you may have otherwise missed when opting for making the best time. Not sure which route you want to take? We recommend hugging the coast and enjoying the cool ocean breeze and sparkling waters along the I-5 or Pacific Highway routes.

Load Up on Road Snacks 

A road trip is inherently an adventure. And any adventure you can’t bring snacks on isn’t really worth having. Of course, many roadside pit stops understand this and charge a premium for the good stuff. So be sure to shop for your favorites before you leave. Beef jerky, trail mix, a small cooler full of water — even indulgent goodies like the occasional candy bar or soda can really take any road trip from good to great in a hurry.


Nobody ever asks, “Do you like music?” Usually, it’s “What KIND of music do you like?” Good tunes tend to be a great uniter, and they’re absolutely essential for a road trip. So it may be worth your time to put together a themed or genre-specific playlist before you embark, especially since radio reception and streaming data connections may be spotty in some areas. Of course, audiobooks and podcasts are also a great alternative when you’re looking for a break, so be sure to download those in advance.  

Don’t Forget to Have Fun 

It may seem an obvious thing to state, but road trips are inherently a good time. So being mindful of not sweating the small stuff can really go a long way. Roll down the windows, sing along to your favorites, binge on snacks (road calories don’t count), and see the sights. That way, when you roll into San Diego, you’ll be in exactly the state of mind you need to be in order to really enjoy everything America’s Finest City has to offer.  

Plan Your Trip

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