San Diego’s Other Craft Scene- Coffee & Kombucha

San Diego is known for miles of seaside coastline, picturesque sunsets, and refreshing craft beer. But beer isn’t the only thing that San Diego is known for crafting. Coffee and Kombucha have made waves in our oceanside city as San Diego’s other craft scene, with small-batch roasters popping up all over town. Since there’s no better location to sip a specialty crafted cup of coffee or kombucha than on a sunny San Diego patio after a morning surf session, here’s our list of coffee & kombucha shops worth checking out.

Coffee Shops

The Grounds Bean Bar

Just around the corner from The Dana on Mission Bay, The Grounds Bean Bar is the prettiest coffee shop on the block. With tropical décor and live plants, the shop perfectly fits the description of ‘instagrammable’. Their menu includes nitro cold brew on tap, specialty lattes, and fancy avocado toast options. – Located 2 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay

Moniker General

Nestled in the General Store in Liberty Station, Moniker General runs on the idea that coffee connects people. They have created a space to enjoy a cup of coffee and focus on communication with others. Their open spaced shop promotes a community-driven culture with a quality product. – Located 3.2 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay

Better Buzz

With 8 locations across San Diego, Better Buzz is a local favorite. With a rustic, yet modern interior, Better Buzz is the perfect location to set up shop for a study session. Offering delicious brews and homemade breakfast items, Better Buzz creates an everlasting impression on everyone that steps foot inside. Pro tip: Try the Best Drink Ever and see for yourself why they call it that. – Located 1.8 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay

The Westbean Coffee Roasters

Located inside Liberty Station’s Public Market, The Westbean Coffee Roasters have an obvious love for coffee. Craftsmanship, skill and love go are blended into each cup brewed at The Westbean, and their mission is to bring out the best in the coffee they roast. The to-go only café, offers a full coffee menu ranging from nitro cold brew, lattes, teas and more. – Located 3.8 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay

Kombucha Bars

TapShack Kombucha Bar

With two locations, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, you can fulfill your Kombucha cravings in no time! Offering Cold Brew, Specialty Kombuchas on tap, and Cold Brewed Teas, Tap Shack Kombucha Bar is a one of a kind stop for the Kombucha obsessed. Be sure to ask about their new Growler Delivery Club for freshly-brewed teas straight to your door. – Located 1.5 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay


Located in North Park, JuneShine is the Kombucha bar worth talking about. Offering hard kombucha with elevated alcohol levels, JuneShine was born from the desire to enjoy tonight… and tomorrow. On a mission to brew the highest quality and healthiest kombucha, this bar offers a refreshingly smooth tasting product that you can feel good about drinking. – Located 7.8 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay

Babe Kombucha

Made from a unique blend of probiotics and natural juices, Babe Kombucha offers handcrafted flavors ranging from Moroccan Mint, Cali Gold, and Mango Mango. Each batch is a new interpretation of ancient tea. Babe Kombucha is light and smooth with high nutritional value. – Located 3.2 miles from The Dana on Mission Bay