Planning Your Romantic San Diego Escape

San Diegans like to brag a little about our weather. Can you blame us? With average January temperatures in the 65-75°F range, it’s tough not to be a little smug. 

Not to mention that the environs around here look even better given the 2020 we just had. And since it would be tough to blame anyone for having a little tired-of-being-cooped-up cabin fever, it’s probably long past time to start thinking about a cozy winter getaway. 

So if you’re climbing the walls a little, we get it. And we’d like to offer you a bit of an alternative. Here are some of the best things to do in San Diego in January. So feel free to use these great itinerary ideas for kickstarting your planning on a romantic San Diego escape — before the peak vacation months roll around. 

Take A Walk in Balboa Park

Balboa Park isn’t just a jewel of San Diego — it’s one of the largest urban park spaces in the country. In fact, at 842 acres, Balboa Park is even bigger than Central Park in New York! In addition to representing a lushly gorgeous slice of green space, Balboa is home to some of San Diego’s most acclaimed museums, restaurants, and public art — making it the ideal place to have a leisurely stroll and appreciate the fresh air. 

Drink In a Sunset at Sunset Cliffs

Arguably, there isn’t a bad place to take in a sunset anywhere on the West Coast. But we’d be less-than-honest if we didn’t admit that there are some spots that are just a bit better than others. Sunset Cliffs — located just south of nearby Ocean Beach — is one of the very best spots on the planet to soak up the magical colors of dusk. So head out, find a perfect spot, and prepare yourself for one of the most life-affirming experiences you and your partner may ever have. 

Relax on a Gondola Tour

The gondola — made famous in the canals of Venice — isn’t a mode of transport that’s exclusive to Italy. San Diego has its very own guided waterway tour company that can take you and your companion on a private ride through the stunning Coronado Cays. The Gondola Company offers charming rides for two that also let you indulge in select beverages, chocolate truffles, music, and a host of other cozy creature comforts.


Reflect at Cabrillo National Monument

As one of San Diego’s most popular attractions, Cabrillo National Monument is an undeniable must-see. Overlooking the cliffs of the Point Loma peninsula, the Cabrillo Monument affords visitors one of San Diego’s most breathtaking panoramic views. From here you’ll be able to take in the entire downtown skyline, as well as the mountains just behind it. When visiting, don’t miss the historic museum, lighthouse, or the statue of Juan Rodriguez Castillo, one of the first Spanish explorers to visit the region in the mid-1500s. 

Torrey Pines Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines Reserve is one of San Diego’s most beautiful natural places. Centuries-old sandstone formations sweep elegantly across the terrain here, just adjacent to truly spectacular views of the water. An abundance of hiking trails ranging from leisurely to challenging wind their way through the landscape. But the most notable feature of this striking area is its namesake vegetation. The reserve is one of only two places on the planet where outdoor buffs can see one of the rarest trees in existence: the Torrey Pine. It’s also a truly great place to catch some fresh air with your favorite travel companion.

Pull Up to an Old-Fashioned Drive-In

There is perhaps no more nostalgic slice of Americana than the classic drive-in — and San Diego boasts one of the best still in operation anywhere. The South Bay Drive-In shows classics and contemporary films alike on their massive outdoor screen, just the way it used to be. So pull in, sit back, grab some popcorn from the snack bar, and revel in the Hollywood magic. The best part? You’ll be able to stay safe, sound, and socially distanced  in your own vehicle.

No matter where your interests lie, one thing’s for sure — San Diego has the antidote to your cabin fever. The Dana looks forward to being your host as you explore “America’s Finest City”!