An Early Look at 2022 Wedding Trends

Are you planning to say “I do” in 2022? You’re not alone. The last two years have been tough for planning gatherings, causing many would-be wedding couples to either postpone their special day or cancel it entirely. But thanks to rising immunization rates and tapering case numbers, full-scale weddings are poised to make a big return in the coming months. So if you’ve got an exchange of vows on the horizon, here’s a look at what experts say will be the biggest 2022 wedding trends.

Big, Bold Colors

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Muted tones (such as weathered whites, grays, and neutral colors) were very on-trend during the last few years, when it may have felt a bit inappropriate to celebrate too enthusiastically. But now that normalcy is fast returning, many couples are giving themselves the permission to use more vivid splashes in their special occasion. Bright colors in floral displays, décor elements, and wardrobe are making a big comeback. 


“I Do” Redux  

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Given how many couples had to either postpone or reduce the scope of their weddings in 2020 and 2021, the ‘22 calendar will likely also be full of “do-over” occasions. Many couples who made the tough decision to opt for micro-weddings (with understated ceremonies and smaller guest lists) are feeling motivated to try again — this time going for “round two” nuptials and vow renewals on a scale more in keeping with tradition.


Reimagined Entertainment

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There’s nothing wrong with having a band or DJ at your wedding — everyone loves to dance. Even so, many wedding planners are seeing an uptick in entertainment options that go beyond the musical. The demand for less-common creative artistry has risen sharply as of late. Think karaoke, close-up magicians, stand-up comedians, and even tarot readers or circus-style variety acts — they’ll all wow guests with the unexpected. 


Open-Air Settings

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Outdoor weddings (backyards, beaches, and others) were popular for obvious reasons over the last two years, and it seems they’re here to stay — even though the risk factors that made them necessary have diminished. Planning your nuptials under the sun or the stars will offer your guests a measure of comfort they’ll definitely appreciate. Many rental companies have made open-air tents available for larger-scale celebrations, as well.  


Weekday Weddings


Here’s a classic example of turning a problem into an opportunity. Since many wedding venues have had their 2022 calendars fill up with rescheduled ceremonies, you may be hard-pressed to find any setting with a weekend to spare. But rather than lament it, embrace it — there’s no rule that says you can’t get married on a Wednesday!


Dynamic Destinations 

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It may have been unthinkable two years ago to jump on a plane to go to an exotic locale and celebrate the union of a happy couple. However, like many pandemic-era practices that were back-burnered out of necessity (but that have since begun to return), the classic destination wedding has once again become not just feasible, but fashionable. So don’t be afraid to exchange vows in front of a memorable dream-getaway backdrop. In fact, we may even have a suggestion for a fantastic venue you may want to consider.  

Weddings at The Dana on Mission Bay

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If you’re planning a 2022 wedding, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated, experienced team. We’re looking forward to working with you to help ensure that your big day lives up to the magical experience you’ve always envisioned. And if you’d like to get a sense of just how magical weddings at The Dana can be, take a look at @DanaWeddings on Instagram to see some of the most beautiful occasions we’ve been privileged to have hosted. And you can always tag us at #DanaWeddings if you have any photos of your own occasions here you’d like to share!