Unique Weddings at The Dana

You already know that our events team here at The Dana prides itself on accommodating all manner of wedding requests as best we can. But aside from the beautiful venue, spectacular events coordinators, and exquisite catering, we’re happy to help organize any special experiences that make your wedding day all the more memorable. After all, this is your day, and we want to make it feel as personal as we can. Here are a couple examples to show you what we mean:

The Patel Wedding comprised two ceremonies — a traditional Indian ceremony and an American-Christian wedding — and a reception highlighting American and Indian cuisine. Hosting the Indian ceremony meant accommodating some unique elements. For example, we were happy to help organize the baraat: a customary procession where the groom travels to the ceremony on a decorated white horse, surrounded by friends, family, music, and dancing.

The Indian wedding also called for a mandap, which is a special canopy under which the main ceremony takes place. The mandap had to include royal chairs for the bride and groom, side chairs for the parents, and a pedestal for the sacred fire.

Another important element of an Indian wedding is the kanya daan, a ceremony which signifies the bride’s parents giving her away. Afterward, the couple joins hands and circles around a small fire called the agni, in a ritual known as the mangal phera.

Once the other steps have been performed, the couple begins the most important rite of the Hindu marriage ceremony: the saptapadi (seven steps). The groom ties a necklace around the bride’s neck and applies a red powder to the center of her forehead, symbolizing that she is now married. Then the couple takes seven steps around the holy fire, and after the seventh step, they are legally considered husband and wife.

Another unique ceremony we hosted on property, The Von Kaenel & Colich wedding took its inspiration from the construction industry, with a bulldozer for a beverage display, a construction site cake for the groom’s cake, and a cigar roller.

Feeling Inspired?

If you have any unique ideas for your special day, we’d love to hear about them. Let us know what you had in mind, and we’ll let you know what we can do.