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Get Into Formation: Mission Bay Yoga at the Dana

Mellow Mission Bay Yoga at the Dana


Want to find a Mission Bay yoga studio while staying at the Dana? Take a big, triumphant breath: We’ve got one of the best practices around. Embracing our idyllic surroundings, tranquil attitudes, and dedicated approach, a session with our resident instructor Lauren Jae Nichols will soothe your muscles, improve your breath work, and have an all-around ameliorative effect on your well-being.


Meet Our Instructor


Lauren has lived in San Diego and Southern California her whole life, and is an active member of our community, happily providing guests with recommendations for local restaurants and businesses. When not teaching at the Dana, she practices yoga, cuts hair at a local barbershop, and enjoys all the best of Mission beach: sunsets, bike rides, beach walks, and more.

She began practicing yoga to address chronic pain from repetitive motion and working long hours standing. “Not only did I notice an immediate improvement in my physical health,” she says, “over time I noticed a positive change in my mental health.” Her decision to sign up for a teacher-training program to deepen her self-study, physical practice, and understanding of yoga philosophy instilled a love of teaching. In her efforts to help others connect with yoga in a similar way, she found the Dana for a weekend stay, fell in love with the landscape and people, and was ultimately asked to join us as  our resort’s resident yoga instructor.


About Lauren’s Yoga Classes

Lauren’s classes are a blend of slow flow vinyasa, power yoga and restorative yoga postures to help students experience a balance of stretching and strength building movement. Students can expect a supportive environment that blends conscious breath and mindful movement to enhance mind-body connection. Her goal is for students to slow down and soak in the present moment, so they can feel recharged and ready to absorb all the beauty San Diego has to offer.

Her favorite pose to teach is Savasana, the last pose of class. In this pose, students lay on their back, observing silence and stillness, gradually easing into relaxation. It conditions the mind and body to release stress and let go of tension. Though this posture might be simple, the benefits are endless.


Join Us For a Session at the Dana

Classes are designed for students of all levels, so that everyone can practice by doing what feels good for them. Asked for tips for first-timers attending her class, Lauren says, “Students can expect a non-judgmental environment that supports self-growth and a positive state of mind. I encourage students to practice self-compassion by doing what feels good in their body. I recommend that students notify me of any injuries so I can offer them support and safe modifications.”


The Dana is the perfect place to practice yoga at your own pace, with the gentle help of one of San Diego’s most compassionate instructors. Sign up for a class while you’re here, and experience restoration of both body and soul. Guests can find the sign up sheet at the front desk, as well as mats, blocks, and anything else you’ll need for class.