Dogs of The Dana: Guest and Employee’s Furry Friends

Dog lover? Now that you’re versed on the best of the San Diego restaurants, parks, and beaches where you can bring your fur baby, let us acquaint you with the dogs right here at The Dana. Here are the results of our recent survey of guests’ and employees’ canines.

Spot, Chinese Crested

Spot is the vivacious seven-year-old companion of our Revenue Manager, Makena. He is known to act sweet and obedient “when he needs to,” and otherwise show his “strong-willed and stubborn” side. Spot loves showing off his special talent: jumping through hula hoops. If he looks familiar, it’s because he makes frequent appearances on our site!

Buddy, Jack Russell Terrier mix

Four-year-old Buddy, owned by our Director of Catering, Christina, has an unusually cuddly, sweet, gentle, and relaxed disposition for his breed, but is also prone to bursts of joyous and exuberant energy. This smart, intuitive, and fun-loving pooch is as loving as they come, and is always eager to play with everyone and everything (except Christina’s Roomba). Rescued as a puppy, he is a proud older brother to a human baby, as well as Christina’s kitten.

Cosmo, Terrier Blend

Owned by Dana guest James, Cosmo is a playful and loving three-and-a-half-year-old. He is a great family dog, thanks to his superlative fetching skills, and has mastered commands such as “sit” and “stay.”

Ace, Morkie

Two-year-old Ace, owned by Dana guests Melanie P. and Michael F., loves exploring new places, meeting new people, cuddling with his beloved pink penguin toy, and going on adventures. He wags his tail constantly and has a unique way of walking that evokes a march and always draws admiration.

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Kona, Shepherd/Cocker Spaniel/Pitt Mix

Five-year-old Kona is often found chasing tennis balls, snuggling beneath blankets on the couch, and chewing through “indestructible” squeaky toys while tossing fluff every whichway. Her parents, Jilli and Joey, got married right here at the Dana, so Kona is a true Dana dog — as well as a proud older sister to 10-month-old human baby Max.

Sentry, Golden Retriever

Eight-year-old Sentry, owned by The Dana’s General Manager, Kevin, is playful, friendly, and loves to retrieve tennis balls thrown into the ocean at Coronado. And yes, Sentry literally goes out every morning to retrieve the newspaper off of the driveway!

Jackson, Golden Retriever

Five-year-old Jackson is playful, fun-loving, loyal, and full of energy! He enjoys chasing balls, taking walks, and swimming in the ocean — but his favorite pastime is cuddling up on the couch with his human companions, Kelly and Roy.