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Firefly Eatery & Bar Surcharge

In an effort to support living wage increase mandates, a 4% surcharge will be added to all checks. This enables us to continue to appropriately staff our restaurant and provide our guests with the quality food and service that everyone expects. Upon reading our explanation below, we hope you understand the reasons behind making this tough but necessary decision.


Why don't you just raise menu prices?

Increased menu prices aren't an indication of where the funds may go. We want to be honest and transparent in saying that the 4% increase goes to our staff to pay their hourly wage and offer affordable health coverage. Studies show that increased menu prices affect guests' decision making and could prompt them to pass on a number of menu items.

Are other restaurants doing this?

Absolutely, various restaurants in town have been doing this for some time now. This helps us provide competitive wages for our staff which in turn helps us provide a great experience for our guests.