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San Diego, California1710 W Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, California 92109
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Things to Do in San Diego - Mission Beach

About 1 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Things to Do in San Diego - Mission Beach

Did you know that San Diego's favorite beach is Mission Beach? This beach, with its lively atmosphere and assortment of things to do, is often compared to the east coast's Atlantic City and Coney Island. However, Mission Beach has that unique Southern California vibe you can't find anywhere else, and The Dana on Mission Bay is lucky enough to be near all the fun - less than one mile away! Find Mission Beach between the Pacific Beach and Belmont Park.

When visiting Mission Beach you'll find lots of activities to be enjoyed in the sun, surf and sand. The sandy shores welcome you with a carnival-like atmosphere filled food stands,unique restaurants, hot nightclubs, street performers and so much more. Most of the action is found near Belmont Park where you can ride the Giant Dipper roller coaster or enjoy walking or rollerblading down the boardwalk. Meanwhile, South Mission Beach offers a quieter atmosphere where you can fish and even explore a reef created on an underwater shipwreck. Mission Beach certainly has a great variety of things to do, eat and see for a day of fun from sunrise to sunset.

We suggest exploring San Diego and spending a day on Mission Beach laughing under the sun. Book a room with us at The Dana on Mission Bay and plan a trip to Mission Beach. We love a great beach day and we suggest riding the Giant Dipper roller coaster, walking the boardwalk, playing games at the arcade, riding an artificial wave at the Wave House, and boogie boarding at the beach. What would you do at Mission Beach?

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